Services offered by Zone Workplace Health Solutions

Zone Workplace Health Solutions focuses on the factors that are inherent in achieving successful return to work. These include early intervention, identification and resolution of the barriers impeding recovery, regular and clear communication and negotiation with all parties to achieve the agreed goals.

Zone Workplace Health Solutions firmly believes that regular and effective communication with all parties involved in the workplace rehabilitation process is the key to excellent customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide ethical and “best practice” workplace rehabilitation services, every time.

Barriers we address include:

  • Prolonged, complicated or recurrent injuries
  • Psychological difficulties
  • Employer – employee relationship difficulties
  • Lack of restricted/alternative duties
  • Personal issues impacting on ability to return to work
  • Cultural / language barriers
  • Lack of alternative employment opportunities
  • Safety concerns in the work place
  • Lack of communication between involved parties
  • Lack of understanding of system

What do our services include?

A return to work program is a program aimed to support an injured worker to return to work safely. A person’s physical capacity is considered and appropriate duties at the workplace are identified. The plan aims to gradually increase what duties the worker can do over time as they recover. This is done in liaison with the worker, their treating medical practitioners and the employer.
Vocational Counselling or a Vocational Assessment is used to determine a range of suitable employment options for an injured worker. This is based on the person’s transferable skills, current abilities and interests, via an assessment of knowledge, skills and competencies, current work capacity and any restrictions for work.
A Worksite Assessment is an onsite analysis of a specific job, including pre-injury duties or possible alternative duties, to gain a better understanding of the nature of the work. It assesses the physical and psychosocial demands of the job. The assessment identifies any risk factors that may place the injured worker at risk and determines whether workplace modifications or job redesign is required to support a return to work.
Workplace modifications refer to any accommodations made in the workplace to enable an injured worker to return to work effectively and perform the duties in a safe manner. These may be administrative changes, environmental changes (such as providing or modifying equipment) or procedural changes (such as changing the way in which the job is done). These changes may be temporary or long-term.
When assisting a person to return to work certain equipment or aids may be required to make the duties easier for a person to physically manage. This can include office equipment or equipment specific to the persons work.
If a person is returning to alternative duties or new duties some training may be required for them to undertake these duties. If training is deemed necessary, research will be undertaken into what training is most appropriate, when and where it will be held and recommendations will be made to have the training funded by the insurance company. If approved, enrollment will be arranged for the worker.
The training uses a variety of activities to provide workers with the knowledge and tools to eliminate or reduce unsafe manual work practices. The worker is trained to identify and manage risks and hazards within the workplace and to undertake manual tasks in the safest possible way.
A range of training, assessment and consultancy services to help employers and employees with workplace health and safety.
An ergonomic assessment is used for the identification and control of ergonomic hazards (physical, psychosocial and organisational). The worker is assessed in their workplace and is trained to ensure they adopt safe postures and work techniques.
Support counselling is offered to assist workers with the stress they may be experiencing as a consequence of their injury and altered circumstances.
Assistance is provided to workers seeking a new job with a new employer. This includes assistance with job search techniques, resume and application writing skills and interview techniques.
The Workers’ Compensation system can be a complicated process. Assistance is offered about how the system works, what the legal requirements are and what each party’s rights and responsibilities are within the system.
A short and informative session on the Workers’ Compensation system can be provided to General Practitioners. Click Here for more information.
An informative session on the Workers’ Compensation system can be provided to Employers. Contact us for more information.